Pre-purchase timber & pest inspections—Coffs Harbour

Pest Inspection at home — Timber pest inspections Coffs Harbour in Harbour, NSW
Whether you're looking to purchase a new home, or just uncover any pests that may be threatening your property, Brazel's Pest Control has the answer. Our highly experienced experts provide comprehensive inspections on homes, businesses and industrial properties of all sizes.

Although the most common requests we have are pre-purchase inspections, we highly recommend having regular check-ups conducted in any building you own. As environmental conditions change constantly, new threats or infestations could move in on your property.

Our technicians specialise in timber inspections using advanced location technology. These inspections are highly valuable when purchasing or selling a residential property, and in many cases, mortgage providers insist one is completed before signing off on a loan.

When we have completed any inspection, customers are provided with a detailed report on our findings. We'll also offer our professional advice on the best solution to take care of an infestation, or areas that could be better protected. Of course, Brazel's provides full pest control services that you can organise on the spot!

Our technicians asses for all timber pests known in NSW, including termites and borers. They can cause massive damage to timber homes that can't been seen externally, so it's essential you have a professional conduct an assessment of any building you're looking to purchase.

Brazel's Pest Control takes the hassle out of organising a pest inspection, simply give us a call and we'll organise a time to come out to your Coffs Harbour property.