Termite prevention & extermination on the Coffs Coast

termite on a piece of wood
At Brazel's Pest Control, we've been helping diagnose and eliminate termite threats from homes and businesses since 1978. If you've noticed any signs of termite activity in your property, call our licensed exterminators as soon as possible.

Even if you can't see a termite nest or damage on your timber frames, your property might still be at risk. Brazel's Pest Control offers convenient and affordable specialised termite inspections throughout the Coffs Harbour region. We'll quickly locate any existing colonies and provide a plan of action for our clients, as well as analyse the possibility of future infestations.

Once we have a plan of action, our technicians utilise Termidor termite control products and Nemesis termite bait systems to draw out and eliminate entire colonies of timber pests.

Are you breaking ground on a new construction project? We offer a range of preventative treatments designed to stop white ants in their tracks, including pre-construction preventative treatments from HomeGuard.

These sheets are impregnated with Bifenthrin termicide and cover the entire perimeter of newly constructed foundations. This provides both a physical and chemical barrier between ground-based termites and your timber building materials. HomeGuard Precision Termite Management Systems are non-invasive, non-leaching and completely environmentally friendly.

Contact our termite experts today to discuss a solution tailored to your needs.